Welcome To Evergreen Homes : Tower F

For many, finding a good residence in Nagala Park is just wishful thinking; and if that residence happens to be Evergreen Homes in Nagala Park then it amounts to a fantasy.

If you are among those hopefuls still eyeing Nagala Park or the optimists dreaming of Evergreen Homes in Nagala Park, then this truly is your last-last chance.

Call it pleasant surprise or good luck, the final phase is just that opportunity for you to make Evergreen Homes and Nagala Park your home address.

Bhausingji Road,
Near Mahaveer College,


Home buyers often desire certain features,
please check what we have to offer.
Sewage water treatment plant.
Fire fighting system
landscaped garden (Ready)
Gym with trainer & Yoga center (Ready)
Children's play area and sand pit (Ready)
Lifts with battery backup
24 hour outside security