• In war or in marketing warfare, the difference between victory or defeat is often dependent upon what is decided in the war rooms than what finally plays out on the battlefields.
  • TrojanHorse Strategic Advertising believes planning is indispensable before you communicate to gain a foothold in the mind space of your targeted customers.


  • Once the strategies are in place, it becomes easier for the frontline to take charge and shape up the communication that can win the day for you, hands down.
  • ‘Communication before communicating’ is how we perceive advertising to be. Trust our verbal and visual communication veterans to get that bang on for you.

Digital Media

  • The Trojan War may be ancient, but the lessons remain relevant even today. What changed the course and outcome of the war was the wooden horse used as a medium to transport soldiers inside the fort under siege.
  • The wooden horse has made way to more advanced media to infiltrate the minds and open up the doors of the identified customers. We have proven expertise in them all.


  • Inside the war room, the Trojan Horse was a strategy that needed all the skills of the craftsmen to transform it into a subterfuge to deceive the opponents – good enough to conceal and carry soldiers inside, who would eventually open the doors and breach the fortress.
  • TrojanHorse is the only marketing communication agency that has internal production services in its armoury.